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Different Types of Internet Marketing

//Different Types of Internet Marketing

Today, the Internet is virtually used for doing any and everything. Many people no longer go to the bank but engage in what is called Internet banking. Additionally, many have not seen a store in ages since they shop online – e-commerce. What’s the point in highlighting what you already know? Simply, the Internet is now playing a major role in today’s society. Not only do individuals use the Internet for their benefits, but businesses likewise do. It’s rather taboo to see a businessman or sales representative distributing pamphlets and brochures in the streets. Why? With the inception of the Internet, businesses are no longer using the traditional method to market or advertise their products and services. They are now marketing online – Internet Marketing. Just as how there are multiple types of traditional marketing, there are also different types of Internet marketing. Here are a few.

[mkdf_blockquote text=”Video Marketing – As the name indicates, video marketing involves using videos as a promotional tool. YouTube is the major platform used for video marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common marketing practice. This type of online marketing includes marketing products and services that are not yours. Isn’t this illegal? Not at all! Since some companies are not able to effectively market their products entirely on their own, they may pay affiliates – entities with relationship with a larger entity – to promote their products online, to which they’re paid a commission. It’s of interest to note that affiliates aren’t necessarily solely individuals but could be an establishment. Companies with an affiliate program are more inclined to allow publishers – once you have a website, blog or you’re a content creator, you’re called a publisher – to promote their products online since they have the appropriate platforms to do so.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is promoting products and services through emails. There are some companies or individuals who gather emails of Internet users and sell to companies. These companies then draft a list and send these individuals countless of messages about their products and services. If you’re wondering why there are so many spams in your mailbox, blame Email marketing!

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is paying companies such as Google, Yahoo and others to feature your ads (advertisements) on a search page. This is oftentimes done when the advertiser wants traffic urgently.

Social Media Marketing

This form of marketing entails using various social media platforms to promote products and services. These include YouTube marketing, Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing and many others.

Article Marketing
Article marketing includes writing content, in the form of articles, to promote a product or service.

Bum Marketing

Bum marketing captures the idea of affiliate marketing and article marketing. This concept states that because an individual is so poor and is not able to locate resources (money) to invest in marketing campaigns, they turn to marketing the products of others (affiliate marketing) by writing articles (article marketing).

Search Engine Marketing

This type of marketing obtains traffic through both unpaid and paid efforts. This includes:
• buying traffic through pay per click
• securing free traffic through organics – free or unpaid listings.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing includes informing people about a product or service through other people. Viral marketing comprises of email marketing and may appear in the form of chain (forwarded) emails.