Benefits Of Youtube Advertising

YouTube is widely used by advertisers. Throughout the years, they have become common as a result of their simplicity and ease of use. With the many benefits derived from using YouTube, marketers continue to explore their features in order to reach a wider audience. Why do marketers prefer this network? Simply, YouTube marketing is effective. Here are some of the benefits advertisers derive from using this platform.

1. A wider audience
YouTube is used prevalently. People of different socioeconomic backgrounds – whether rich or poor- use the platform. Since it’s used on a global scale, marketers can position themselves in such a way that they’re able to reach those beyond their target audience. A wider audience simply means that unique content will be seen and may even be converted to sales.

2. You don’t have to be funny
While people are more captivated by and motivated to watch a video providing a bag of laughter, your content does not have to be funny. Since videos are created for multiple different purposes, you do not have to worry about losing your audience. Not everyone watch videos to be humored or poked at. Your videos can be blank and boring, provided that the audience is able to take from your presentation what they’re looking for. These videos should be informative and to the point. Additionally, if your aim is to get your audience engaged or to turn leads into sales, your videos need to be persuasive and riveting.

3. It’s free!
Many advertisers spend thousands of dollars on Pay Per click campaigns and other advertising methods. While these methods are effective (in some stances), advertisers tend to lose money without even generating a sale. However, with YouTube, advertisers can generate traffic, leads and even sales without paying a penny from pocket. Customarily, anything acquired with little or no cost is stigmatized as being ‘no good’. However, YouTube is highly beneficial, effective and best of all, it’s free!

4. You’ll gain minions
YouTube allows you to see whose hearts you’ve captured. When video content is unique and well organized, people will become loyal to you. To show their loyalty, they’ll subscribe to your channel and keep abreast with your video posts. Additionally, they’ll trust you to the point where they’ll even refer your channel to friends and the chain will continue. With these minions or subscribers, your views, comments, likes and shares will increase – and so will your income!

5. YouTube knows everyone
The above statement may sound odd, but the reality is, YouTube does know everyone! These ‘everyone’ refers to other social media platforms. Since YouTube has built in shared buttons, you can create unique content and have them linked to several other social media platforms. These other platforms include FaceBook, Twitter, Stumblupon, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogger and several others. Since these platforms have their built in functions and features, more people will be able to see your videos.

6. SEO loves videos
What’s the point in creating content if Google or any other search engine does not recognize it? Since search engines love videos, it’s the ideal digital marketing technique or platform to use for getting highly ranked by search engines. Since you’ll be able to secure a lot of views, shares and comments, search engines will flock to your channel when Internet users use appropriate keyword terms.