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Server Abuse Clearance

/Server Abuse Clearance


Tired of frequent server abuse complaints? Unable to identify the root cause, but continue to receive abuse notifications time and again? Losing reputation and customers due to the lack of proper abuse handling mechanism? Looking for an effective abuse clearance service that can find out the underlying cause and provide a permanent resolution?

Reputation damage due to frequent server abuses is a huge challenge that online businesses are facing today. Not only it can affect your credibility among the customers, but also slow down the momentum of your business growth. Prompt and effective handling of abuse reports is the only way forward to restore the trust of your customers and the reputation of your business.


YTM Server Management brings you a comprehensive Abuse Clearance service that can diagnose the underlying security misconfigurations present in your server environment and resolve the issues permanently. You will also get expert advice from our security consultants about how to prevent server abuse issues in the future. You can avail this one-time Abuse Clearance service for a fixed price of $ per server.


  • Spam and Unsolicited Email
  • Phishing Attempts.
  • Network Security Attacks
  • Denial of Service and Botnet Attacks
  • Hot linking and Bandwidth Theft
  • Virus / Trojan / Malware Intrusion
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Open Relay and Open Proxy Attacks
  • Other Fraudulent Activities

YTM Server Management offers a one-time Control Panel Installation and Setup service for an affordable fixed price.