Digital Marketing Techniques Using Youtube And Social Media

Digital Marketing Techniques using Youtube and Social Media

Digital marketing is a popular technique used for advertising. In fact, this method of advertising products and services involve using electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, e-mails, and other electronic forms to get exposure and traffic. Among the different digital marketing techniques used, YouTube and Social Media marketing have become very common.


YouTube is a stable and widely used network. Internet users are able to use this tool to gather a wealth of information through videos and info graphics. Since there’s no cost placed behind using this platform, advertisers can use it to maximize returns on their investments. Additionally, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo take delight in optimizing content with an incorporated video presentation. This works well with SEO and is able to reroute traffic to your main website. Videos are customarily used to gain trust, create a relationship with viewers and even to gain their trust. While these are attractive reasons for marketers to use YouTube as a digital marketing platform, the major factor is its prevalence. YouTube is used on a global scale and is capable of reaching virtually everyone, once they have access to the Internet.

Social Media

Social media involves more than interacting with others over the Internet. It encapsulates the tools and equipment used to make viable communication between people from all over the world. In fact, any platform that allows users to create and interact (via sharing photos, videos, comments, likes, tweets etc) is dubbed as a social media. YouTube is referred to as a social media but is more oriented on creating unique video content. In addition to keeping your company’s brand fresh and alive, social media networks allow their users to provide timely and quick updates on products and services. This can be done through a simple tweet or status update. Like YouTube, social media networks are widely used and allow marketers to interact with their audience by responding to posts, comments etc on their web pages.

Digital Marketing Techniques for YouTube and Social Media

YouTube and Social Media have a lot in common. Digital marketing techniques are easily used throughout these platforms as a result of their simplicity. Marketing techniques common on YouTube and Social Media include regularly creating fresh content. Since content is king of the game, marketers can create unique video contents and social media contents for their YouTube channel and Social Media page respectively. Additionally, they all provide sharing, commenting, and liking functionality. YouTube videos, after being viewed, can be shared on other social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit and many others. Since there are so many social networks, your content will not go unseen, even if they’re not liked. Since pictures and videos are able to convey more information, your audience will be better able to interact with the content, in comparison to having them read through a long article (most articles are not read but scanned.) With digital marketing techniques, marketers are able to do more, be more effective and do so without having to pay a penny.