How To Advertise Your Business For Free

While it’s very costly to advertise businesses online, there are multiple methods advertisers can use to get their businesses out in the open, especially if they’re relatively new and with limited funds. Here are multiple free and effective platforms from which you can advertise your business.


Virtually everyone uses YouTube. It’s free, global and provides much simplicity. Advertisers can use this avenue to promote their businesses and develop their brand. Since YouTube is video oriented, businesses can create unique video content highlighting their products and services. If they’re so inclined, they can outline their business concept and provide a brief overview. Since YouTube has a wide audience, businesses can be assured that users with an interest in their products will stumble on their videos.


Like YouTube, FaceBook has a massive following. In fact, there are some individuals who are online 24/7. Businesses can capitalize on this platform without paying a penny. They can simply create a business page, upload the firm’s logo or slogan (whatever works best), and important social media content. Many businesses fail at this method as a result of being too enthusiastic. What does this mean? Some businesses become so concerned about selling their products to the extent where they fail to build trust and loyalty with their following. Instead of creating and posting content only related to your products and services, include content that provides information on what is happening in the industry. Multiple posts on small talks, humour and friendly quotes will not hurt your page or your business but build your reputation.


Twitter provides similar advertising functionality as FaceBook. By creating a Twitter page, businesses can advertise their products and services without cost. They can use hashtags to make a compilation of social media posts made by the page administrator. With enough followers, likes, comments, and tweets, businesses will be able to boost their online presence. With Tweets, business owners can provide updates on new products, services, giveaways and upcoming events.


Blogging is an effective way to get traffic. If you own a business – maybe online – you can use blogging to get your content to go viral. If you’re a great writer and think Internet users will enjoy your articles and blog posts, you can create unique content and upload to WordPress. You can also write about your business, your products and services, then provide a link directing traffic to your site or provide information (maybe a WordPress contact form) so that readers who are interested in your products can contact you.

Use a signature

Before sending out emails for your company, it’s best to include a signature at the bottom of each email. In your signature, you can include links to your business’ FaceBook, Twitter, website and YouTube account. Since Internet users have a tendency to get very curious, they’ll be tempted to click those links to discover its content.


Yelp is a widely used website for locating businesses. Get your business on Yelp where potential customers are able to read reviews and get relevant information about your products and services.